Lexann Travels strongly advises all travellers to check visa requirements with the embassy of the country they are visiting.

Ask your doctor about the necessity of immunization from disease (eg. Cholera, Hepatitis, Tetanus, Malaria etc.) for the countries you intend to visit. If you have any immunizations done, make sure you receive an International Health Certificate to show at immigration checkpoints and hospitals.

Don't assume that you can buy more medication while on your trip; make sure you carry sufficient amounts with you to easily cover the trip with a bit left over in case of emergencies. Ask your doctor whether your particular medication is legal in the countries you intend to visit. If your medication requires a prescription, make sure you carry a copy of your prescription, or if it is unreadable, a letter from your doctor. Make sure you keep all your medication in its original packaging to make it easy for officials to identify.

Travel Checklist
We've put together a handy checklist for you.

  • Have you booked all your travel requirements? (eg. tours, theatre tickets, car hire, accommodation, etc.) Please discuss all requirements with us.
  • Please make time to check ALL of your documents carefully for accuracy and if you have any queries please contact us immediately. It is a good idea to carry photocopies of all your documents (separate to your originals). Also, leave a copy of your itinerary with a friend or relative at home.
  • Travel insurance is a must, it's as important as your plane tickets.
  • Please check that your passport and visas are in order.
  • Please reconfirm all your flights directly with the appropriate airline, 72 hours prior to departure, at each point of departure.
  • When reconfirming your flights, please check that any frequent flyer numbers, special meals and seating requests are in order.
  • Please retain all boarding passes and tickets until accrual of frequent flyer points has been confirmed on your statement.


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